Ignatieff Professes His Loyalty to Chrétien and His

China-Benefiting Policies and Practices


© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor    


It was more proof of the ‘culture of entitlement on steroids’, the arrogance of absolute power and being completely out of touch with reality.  Just before Question Period began on May 25, 2010 the leader of the Official Opposition rose in the House and paid homage to a man who wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of Canadians; causing incalculable pain, suffering, loss, injury and death.  A man who prioritized the interests of totalitarians and triads over all Canadians and left no corner of the country untouched by an insatiable addiction to power and wealth. 


Invitees to the three coalitions being assembled to shake the political and corporate status quo to its foundations for what was done over three decades ought to sit up and take notice of what took place in the House of Common as they conduct their due diligence on the RCC’s evidence of what lies at the core of Canada’s systems of government, administration of justice, economy and security apparatus. 



Knowledgeable about and unfazed by what’s in the process of occurring Michael Ignatieff celebrated the achievements of Jean Chrétien because everyone enjoying the benefits of the triangle of power and wealth continue to believe they’re all invincible, insulated and immune from being held to account.


Hon. Michael Ignatieff (Etobicoke—Lakeshore, Lib.):      

Mr. Speaker, today I am sure all members of the House will want to join me in saluting a great Canadian and a master of this chamber, Jean Chrétien.


When Mr. Chrétien became prime minister in 1993, Canada was in crisis. Our economy was stalled, our finances were in deficit, and threats to our national unity loomed.


Ten years later, Jean Chrétien left Canada united, with the best public finances and the best economy in the G7. Thanks to him, we are a more equal and just society. This is a truly great record.


Today we are saluting the “little guy from Shawinigan” who served his country so well for 40 years.


Jean and Aline, welcome back to Parliament Hill. On behalf of all hon. members and all Canadians, we thank you both for everything you have done for Canada. 



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